Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Marble Park: It's Not What You Think

Marble Park. Most people have visions of a park set in an old marble quarry or even a place where the local kids gather to play games of marbles (do kids play marbles anymore?). The assumptions would be wrong however. This park received its name from the man who created it, Boyd Marble.

This park was created from an old gravel pit in a folk art style, using things such as old wagon wheel rims, old metal tractor seats, milk cans, and huge timbers from a railroad trestle that crossed the Great Salt Lake. This is more than just a pleasant and curious park, it's a showplace where people can gather for barbecues, family reunions and weddings.

Don't miss the display of rebuilt and restored horse drawn wagons and machinery from the 1800's under the large gazebo built from the timbers of the train trestle. The gazebo has a large fire pit and is a great place for a picnic. Once the kids are fed and the displays in the park no longer catch their interest (which takes quite a while), there is a playground for them to enjoy.

Be sure to look for the Utah History Timeline and the Bicentennial Arch, both made from welded pieces of scrap metal, tools and farm implements. If you or your kids are at all interested in the old west and what life was like before planes, trains and automobiles, this park is the perfect place for a relaxing afternoon.

Place: Marble Park
Location: 11150 West 11200 North, Bothwell, UT (follow State Route 102 straight west from Tremonton)
Phone: 435.854.3618 (for reservations for special occasions)
Hours: Dawn until Dusk
Cost: FREE

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Distance from:
Salt Lake City: 80.2 miles
Ogden: 43.1 miles
Provo: 119 miles
Logan: 29.3 miles

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