Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Have You Ever Wanted to Pet a Zebra?

When I was younger, traveling with my family along I-15 between Provo and St. George, was torture.  Small towns were merely passing blurs on our way to St. George, Las Vegas, and Disneyland.  We might occasionally have stopped in Nephi to grab some lunch and top off the gas tank before heading back out on the road.  But after that, it was hours of boredom.

Yet, if you know where to go, there are some interesting stops to make along the way.  It's these stops along the way that make adventures about more than just the destination.  And more fun.

Whether you're traveling north or south on I-15, you should make a stop in Scipio (about an hour south of Provo and an hour north of Beaver), at the Flying J Travel Center where there is a unique petting zoo.

This free petting zoo has the typical petting zoo type animals- goats, sheep, chickens and rabbits.  The kids will have fun with these friendly farm animals who have mostly gotten used to being touched, hugged, and fed by excited children.

But, a petting zoo with just your normal farm animals wouldn't be enough to get most people to pull over at what has been for years a stop for semi-trucks.

There are also zebras, ostriches, alpacas, miniature horses, and more.  The more exotic animals are kept behind fences, unlike the smaller animals that are allowed to roam around the enclosures with the visitors.  Yet, they will come right over when tempted with some hay or food pellets (purchased for a quarter at machines around the corrals.

Watch your fingers and hands though.  The zebras are mostly friendly, but will occasionally take a nip at you.  And the ostrich can get a little aggressive, swinging its large head and pecking a at unsuspecting people.

When you're done at the zoo, walk across the street to the Flying J to the clean, but busy, Burger King and pick up a soft serve ice cream cone to enjoy while you continue on down the road to the next part of your adventures.

Going north or south on I-15, take Exit 188 at Scipio and go to the west side of the freeway to the Flying J Travel Center.

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