Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cheap (or FREE) Fun in Utah

A few years ago during one summer, when my two oldest children still had their teenage years well in front of them, I would take them out once a week for an entire day to have an adventure somewhere in Utah. This was partly because my wife was in the last trimester of pregnancy with our third child and it gave her a needed opportunity to rest. These days became known in our family as "Adventure Days," and the girls looked forward to a new and exciting adventure each week.

As the planner and leader of "Adventure Days," it was my responsibility to, 1.) find places to go within a one day roundtrip from our home in Salt Lake, 2.) ensure it would be fun (or at least interesting), and 3.) that we could afford the activity. As it turned out, finding things to do that fit all three requirements was sometimes more difficult than I had imagined.

Over that summer, and the summers of the following years, we found more and more things to do in Utah that fit the bill. It really is amazing how many things you can do and how many places you can go in Utah that are relatively inexpensive or even free. The purpose of this blog is to share with all of you those places we have found that are exciting, fun, and educational. Some are seasonal, some can be done year round. Some may be one-time events and others may be permanent exhibits. I will try to share the best times of year to go and how to save as much money as possible. And, above all, I will try to show you have to have cheap fun in Utah with your family.

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