Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Book Talk Tuesday for May 27, 2008

Utah Off the Beaten Path (5th ed.) by Michael Rutter, is one of those books that even Utahns who have lived here their entire lives will find a valuable source of information. Tired of heading to Lagoon, Temple Square, or the park? Look into what this book recommends and you'll see things that maybe you had no idea existed in the state of Utah.

I've often found that the best places to go to do things with the kids aren't ones everyone knows about or that are easy to find. It takes a little searching, some investigation, and even some wandering up and down streets until you find something really cool to do or see. Rutter has done a lot of this work for you and found some of those cool places. Most of what he introduces you to are the best places to go for an adventure. He also gives you some cool and quirky facts.

I have a few minor problems with the book, but nothing that should stand in your way of wanting to use it to find some great places to go in Utah.

The inherent problem with books like this, is that they are outdated. This edition was last printed in 2006, which already makes it a couple of years out of date. Having said that, most of the places listed in the book, are still around or in business, though prices, phone numbers and such MAY have changed since publication.

My other problem is that the photos in the book are in black and white. In this day and age when printing has advanced enough to make color nearly as inexpensive as black and white, why don't publishers give us a little more color. The pictures would be a lot more interesting if they were in color.

But, overall, great book.

This book is a must read. 4 1/2 stars out of 5.

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