Friday, May 23, 2008

Have Mountains of Fun for Molehills of Money

In previous posts, I've talked about how to use memberships to zoos, museums, etc. to stretch your activity dollars. Memberships can do two things; get you and your family into an attraction like a zoo, multiples times for one price, and many memberships come with reciprocal agreements that can get you into other attractions, museums, aviaries, state parks and more.

This post is about how to save money on activities with your family, when going someplace only once, or to a place that doesn't have a membership plan.

More and more places are trying to get you to spend your money at their place of business, including museums, parks, festivals, and such. These days, most of these attractions have internet sites that give you information about the location, the hours, admission prices and things to do while you are visiting. They may have printouts that you can take with you, or information to help you enjoy what you are going to see. They may also have coupons on their website that you can print to save money. Check websites before you go and see if printable coupons are available. Not every place with have them every time, but, when you can find them, that is the time to go.

If the website for a place that you would like to visit has an email newsletter- sign up! These newsletters may contain coupons and they will advise you of free or reduced admission days if there are any.

One great way to ensure that you have a coupon to save money is to buy a coupon book for your region. One coupon book that we purchase each year is the Entertainment Book! Right now is the best time because all books are only $9.99! (normally $25.00) These books contain coupons for, 50% off, or 2-for-1 deals, FREE admissions, and on and on. They also include coupons for restaurants, so if on one of your outings you wanted to stop somewhere for food, you've got a coupon.

Lastly, watch the "Things To Do, Utah" blog as well as the websites for your favorite places to visit. Many places such as museums or state parks will have days that you can get in for FREE. They may sponsor an activity or event at a park or some other location that is FREE.

The most important thing is to take advantage of what you can, when you can, when it is offered. You can have all sorts of fun with your family year round and it doesn't have to break the bank.

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